4 Types Of Adult Sex Toys To Try With Your Partner

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4 Types Of Adult Sex Toys To Try With Your Partner

Are you hoping to enhance pleasure in the bedroom for yourself and your partner? If you are open to trying many new things and your partner does not mind doing so, using adult sex toys is a fantastic idea. The sex toys that you bring into the bedroom can make intimate moments with that special someone even more enjoyable than they were before. You have many great options available, including lots of different vibrators, so you can experiment with different toys until you find the ones that you and your partner would like to continue using.

Vibrating Penis Ring

The vibrating penis ring naturally enhances pleasure for men, but it can also increase pleasure for women. There are vibrating rings that fit solely around the penis and options that fit around both the penis and testicles for added pleasure. The vibrating penis rings have different textures, including smooth and ribbed textures, both of which may feel good when pressed against the penis. While the vibrating session is often a turn on for men, women can feel it during intercourse, which can potentially increase a woman's chance of climaxing multiple times during one session. If you are open to giving it a try with your partner, be sure to look at all the neat vibrating penis rings available and choose one to use in the bedroom together.

Portable Strip Dance Pole

Putting on a show in the bedroom is a great way to tease your partner and have foreplay before getting on the bed and getting straight to it. If you would like to show off your moves by dancing on the pole, you can get a portable strip dance pole to install in your bedroom. There are poles available that attach to both the ceiling and floor with ease to provide a sturdy pole that you can dance around and hang on. Who needs to visit a strip club when you can have fun dancing and stripping on a pole at home? You can even practice before putting on your show and watch pole dancing tutorials to get an idea of what to do on the pole.

Sex Swing

A sex swing is a perfect option for the adventurous couple looking to try some unique positions in the bedroom. You would need to securely hang the swing from the ceiling of your bedroom before using it. Most sex swings come with support pads to keep you comfortable while moving around in different positions. There are multiple straps attached to the swing for switching positions. Most of these swings come with the hardware needed to keep them in place during intercourse, no matter how fast and rough things might get.


Vibrators are such a classic sex toy, but they are great to use in the bedroom for plenty of reasons. You can find vibrators in all shapes and sizes, no matter your preference. You can find straight vibrators and ones that curve to reach even deeper inside. Some of the options are small and discreet, while others are longer and thicker. Many vibrators have special attachments included to enhance pleasure, including clitoris stimulators to help women climax. Aside from traditional vibrators commonly used for vaginal pleasure, anal vibrators are also available for you to use on yourself or your partner.

When you feel adventurous and would like to experiment using new toys with your partner, these are some great options. You never have to worry about having boring sex when you have these toys available in your bedroom. Share these satisfying and enjoyable moments with someone special by using vibrating penis rings, a portable strip dance pole, a sex swing, and assorted vibrators with different features.

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